Buenos Aires

Welcome to Buenos Aires!

We want you to truly know us, so we will tell you who we are and where we come from.
Our DNA is full of contrasts.
Ours is immigrant’s blood from different European waves; that is why you will recognize in us a little bit of Spanish, Italians and French. But we are Latin as well.
You blend all this and pum! You get a porteño.
We are passionate, we can argue for hours about politics, Messi’s last goal or climate change with the same fervor.
Do not get scared if we greet you with a kiss or if we hug you, because that is how we do it. We like to be close, to look at each other’s eyes.
If we invite you over for an asado, make sure you have enough time! After-dinner conversation can last for hours, and you will find tables full of friends and family that will make you feel part of the clan in a matter of a few minutes. Be ready to talk because we will want to know where you come from, how you live there, what football team you support; we will want to know who you are because we will not treat you as a tourist but as a friend. 

We can be noisy, a chatterbox, intense but, most of all, we are authentic. We are porteños!
Do you have a clearer idea of who we are? Now we will tell you a bit about the city where we live.
Buenos Aires is probably the most vibrant city in Latin America. It is eclectic and full of contrasts and contradictions. Buenos Aires is “the Queen of del Plata”, so impressive, sophisticated, and chaotic and melancholic at the same time.
You will find stunning architecture with French and Spanish influence that will surprise you at every turn. You will feel the true vibe of tango, milonga and arrabal in La Boca. Recoleta will make you feel in some corner of Paris; there, you will breathe elegance and sophistication. Palermo will make you vibrate with its young and alternative atmosphere and will surprise you with its parks and colors.

Each barrio (neighborhood) will make you live a unique experience. We invite you to discover Buenos Aires together!

Useful information

Underground and busses
In order to use public transportation, you will need the SUBE card.

How do I get it?
You can buy it at SUBE spots such as lottery agencies, train or underground stations and in some kiosks.
You can top them up there.

You cannot pay cash in any means of transport (except from the taxis).

Rush hour to avoid using public transport (if you do not wish to take a sardine-like ride): 8:00 – 10:00 am and 17:00 – 19:00.

In Buenos Aires, taxis are yellow and black. When you get into one, you tell the driver what your destination is and the tachero (slang for taxi driver) will turn on the taximeter (make sure he does so!); once the trip is over, you will pay the amount the meter shows.

When it comes to weather, Buenos Aires is lovely all year long. Each month and season has a special touch that makes it unique.

However, we can suggest that you visit us from September to November.
Temperatures are nice and you will enjoy the rose gardens blooming.

Winter is not really bad and summer is intense but spectacular.

There is no excuse to come all year long!

We love to eat. We always find an excuse to gather and enjoy a tasty meal.

Because of our immigrant roots, you will clearly identify in our gastronomy different aspects of other parts of the world (Spanish, Italian, French, and Arabian).

You cannot leave without trying: dulce de leche, mate with facturas, meat empanadas, milanesa and, of course, our key dish, the asado.

It is impossible not to relate mate and asado with a social and cultural context. You enjoy them with friends and family. Around them, there is time, dedication and love. The best stories and the deepest talks are born with a mate in your hand. To us, it is kind of a suppressor, but it can also accompany the best of the silences. It is full of rituals, traditions and golden rules that we would love to teach you.

We invite you to enjoy with us these experiences!

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